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Professional Choice ( introduces the amazing range of Milkshake hair products, products that are a total treat for hair and leave you smelling edible! This hot new haircare brand is taking the hairdressing world by storm and Professional Choice is proud to add this excellent range to its ever-expanding line of top hair and beauty supplies. Milkshake hair products are made with the finest ingredients including the milk proteins that give this range its catchy name. These milk proteins restructure the hair shaft, providing excellent hydration and leaving the hair in superior condition. The Milkshake range was designed specifically for colour treated hair as the colouring process can leave hair damaged and in need of some TLC, particularly when hair is coloured regularly. Not only do Milkshake hair products provide this much-needed TLC, leaving hair beautifully soft and gleaming with health, but they also help to maintain the colour for longer. This is down to the exclusive ‘Integrity 41r’ ingredient which helps colour ‘cling’ to hair for longer without sacrificing the health and structure of the hair. Although originally designed for colour treated hair, any hair that has been over processed, is overly dry or in need of deep conditioning can benefit from the Milkshake hair products and get excellent results. At leading salon supplies company Professional Choice, you’ll find a great selection of Milkshake hair products including the ‘Intensive’ conditioning range; the ‘Glistening’ range for high shine; the ‘Yoghurt and Milk Mask’ and ‘Whipped Cream’ range for deep conditioning; the ‘Colour Maintenance’ range for longer-lasting colour; the ‘Hair Repairing’ treatment for very stressed hair; as well as colours, developers and finishing products. In short, everything you could need to give your hair a ‘Milkshake’ treat. This is just one of the top haircare brands that you’ll find at Professional Choice; there’s every top name in hair that you’d expect to see, from Affinage hair products to the cult Moroccan Hair oil Amargan Oil and much more.


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